Argan Oil Skincare Routine

Apr 13 , 2019

Summer is here!

The sun, the beach, the sand… a recipe for skin and hair damage. Reach for your sunblock and Argan Oil!!!! Yes, that’s right, you heard me right, Argan Oil! Sunblock will protect your skin and Argan Oil will nourish it. It will protect your hair as well.  

When your skin starts feeling to dry, use Argan Oil to moisturize any dry spots. You can go the extra mile by mixing Argan Oil with the sand, and voila, you created a 100% pure organic natural exfoliate, gentle enough even for your lips. Take a dip in the ocean, and your skin will feel very smooth.

Don’t forget your hair! Pre-treat your hair with Argan Oil. Since water and oil are natural repellents, your hair will be protected from saltwater damage. An added benefit, Argan Oil naturally protects hair from harmful UV rays and reduce color fading as well.