Our Story

For Centuries the Berber Women of Morocco have used some of the world’s most valuable beauty and anti-aging essentials oils, 100% pure Argan Oil. At Argan Oil Essentials we’re dedicated to share these rejuvenating oils with you, while preserving and promoting the culture and environment that they originated from.

My name is Loubna. For years growing up in Morocco, I have seen women around me with radiant and youthful skin, something I took for granted. As I started using skin regimens, from numerous brands from around the world, I was never able to achieve that flawless complexion I grew up surrounded with, until I started using Argan Oil myself. I have found nothing that can compare to its benefits. 

Called liquid gold, Argan oil is native to Morocco. The Argan tree yields a kernel that is cold pressed to extract the precious oil renowned for its anti-aging properties and wondrous effects on hair and skin alike. Argan Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It has anti-oxidant properties and reverses skin aging. It provides great benefits as a remedy for acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, and psoriasis. 

We work with one of the oldest Argan Oil Co-Operative in Morocco, which is USDA approved and produces the highest quality 100% pure organic Argan Oil. You have my personal guarantee that the Argan Oil products you buy are the highest quality available, use safe, humane and natural ingredients, all while being very affordable. 

We hope you come along with us in our Journey.